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If you are a meat eater, want to channel your inner Gaucho(Argentinian cowboy), sip mate(traditional tea), dance the tango and live life to the fullest then Argentina is for you! I loved Argentina! I only explored Buenos Aires and Patagonia but I hear the north of the country is also amazing with the wine region and Iguazu falls.

Argentina is the second largest country in South America. This country has had its share of economical hardship even before the pandemic. Bolivians go over the border to Argentina, buy products using the blue dollar rate and come back and sell these products in small stalls around the bigger cities of Bolivia. These vendors are totally illegal but supply and demand keep them in business and every so often they move locations within the cities to elude the authorities.

Who would have ever thought that the value of the Argentinian peso would be worthless around the world. It is sad really, this country has so much to offer but the mismanagement of their economics by shading politicians has kept the Argentinians struggling financially for twenty plus years. Despite the dismal financial situation that most middle class Argentinians find themselves in, they are always the life of the party! They enjoy life to the fullest. I loved that about this country.

I spent a long weekend in Buenos Aires and though I am not a city person I loved the energy of this city along with its numerous green spaces around my location.

After a few days of over indulging I headed to Bariloche, a town in the lake district that sits at the foothills of the Andes surrounded by the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Breathtakingly beautiful, this little town made me homesick for Switzerland.

Bariloche is a vacation spot for tourists as well as Argentinians. It's known for it's skiing in the winter. It was a beautiful area and I would love to visit in the summer. It is one of those areas that requires you to have a car to get the full experience though. I took public transport to some hiking spots out of town but it took most of the day on a packed bus there and back. I will definitely be back here one day. The lake district is the start of Patagonia in Argentina and I was excited to continue my journey through Patagonia. Next blog!

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