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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Jalisco is a state in Western Mexico with a coast line on the pacific ocean. It is know for Mariachi music and tequila. I stayed the longest in Ajijic where I stayed with Laura and Lulu (her very adorable dog)in her lovely condo. Laura is well connected in her community and I was more social then I had been in a very long time. It was loads of fun! I met some very nice folks.

Ajijic sits on a small strip of land wedged between Chupinaya Mountain and Lake Chapala. It is well know for its expat community, some say it is one of the biggest expat communities in all of Mexico. Most expats in the community are retired. I have to be honest Ajijic was not on my list of place in Mexico to visit and if I hadn't met Laura I don't think I would have gone. I am glad I did. Yes, it is very expat heavy but it also has some nice amenities because of the influx of expats into the community. From what I could tell the local Mexicans and the expats have a "symbiotic relationship" per say.

After leaving Ajijic, I headed up to the mountains to a pueblo magico called Mazamilta. They say it is the Switzerland of Mexico due to it's chalet style cabins sprinkled across the forests hills. I really didn't see the resemblance.

Mazamilta is nestled between the forests and waterfalls of the Sierra Tigre mountains. A beautiful little pueblo that is very popular with Mexicans from Guadalajara. This little sleepy town turns into a chaotic touristy place on the weekends. Luckily I was there during the week.

I was hoping to do some hiking but I was warned not to go into the forest by myself, this is something I am not use to. In Switzerland, I could go anywhere hiking or walking alone without any worry.

I did take a tour in a truck with a bunch of Mexican tourists that were in town up the mountain. I have to admit, the Mexican tour guide was way more fun then any other tour guide I've had anywhere in the my travels. Even though he talked super fast and it was hard for me to understand him, he had all the people dancing, laughing and playing games the entire trip. I think mostly to distract them from the treacherous road we were climbing not to mention the old truck we were all on. It was a beautiful two hour ride with some amazing views.

I left Mazamilta ahead of the masses which were due in for the weekend and took the local bus into Guadalajara. No chickens on the bus but it was a bone rattling ride that took forever.

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and is the capital of the Jalisco region. It has some amazing colonial architecture in its historic center. I didn't really venture outside of the historic center but I hear there are some very cool neighborhoods to visit. I am not a big city person, so three days in the city center was enough for me.

I packed my bags, got me a bus ticket to Guanajuato city and off I went leaving the state of Jalisco and some new friends and good memories. My first month in Mexico has been a busy one! I hope to slow down a bit moving forward.

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