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An Ordinary Life

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

It's been a minute since I've put out a blog post. I have no excuses, other then I am mostly living an ordinary life this year. Last year for me was so over the top that I needed to take a breath.

I unpacked my bag for five months and hung around family in Texas and experienced RV campground living in the US. I bought a little RV last year and it makes a perfect place to hang out when I'm back in the States. I grew some potted plants, hung out with Porter, I witnessed ,my BFF, Shel's marriage to Sanford, made some RV campground friends, had weekly lunches with Oscar , took some Tai Chi classes, a Mosaic class and went to Costa Rica with the Perrys for a family vacay. Whew! and to think I went there to rest! Spring was beautiful but once Summer hit, it just got miserably hot in Texas and it was time to move on.

I had planned to hop over to South East Asia this year but didn't make it, instead I had this pull to go back to my little Pueblo Magico in Mexico. So here I sit in a little casita that I rent in Tequisquiapan having a great rest of the year. I've made some great friends, found some new ones and the days fly by with all my activities. I decided I needed to learn one new thing this year so I took up playing the Ukulele. Now before there are any thoughts of me serenading anyone with "Over the Rainbow" just know that it is slow going. I'm in a class with a bunch of seven to nine year olds that are kicking my ass. A humbling experience.

There is so much I want to say about being drawn to this place now for the third time. The weather is pretty much perfect for those who enjoy a semi desert climate, the pueblo is still authentically Mexican and the food is well...oh so good! I am 40 minutes from an airport that has direct flights to Texas.

But.. what really draws me back everytime is the people. I've met some wonderful souls, who care for me and about me. It reminds me of my community of friends in Switzerland. I am so grateful to have these awesome relationships across oceans, and a family who loves me from a distance despite the fact that they would rather me live close by in the US. I have a new granddaughter making her way into this world in November. We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby girl Perry.

The year has flown by, could someone please stop this train! Next year, I'll travel back to Switzerland in time for my Birthday and Fasnacht. Ticket bought! I am beyond excited for this trip. This year's travel included Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica. I can't say enough about both Guatemala and Costa Rica. I most definitely need to go back and stay longer.

I started this post by stating I am living an ordinary life this year but what I meant to say is, I am living an extraordinary life! Ordinary can be so damn extraordinary when you stop and think about it.

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