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Mama said there'd be days like this...

I've been traveling now for 243 days give or take and not all those days are filled with awe and joy. You're probably saying to yourself in this moment but on social media it looks so amazing?! Well yeah, those posts showcase those amazing experiences which happen more times than not but it's not all rainbows and unicorns. There are days that my accommodations are really shitty and that can make or break a destination for me. Because I don't have a place to call home it is super important for me to fill comfortable in the places I choose to stay for more then a night or two.

On more then one occasion I've stayed in accommodations that remind me of the movie "The Shining" with me and some strange caretaker being the only ones on the premises. What's up with that?!!

I've been on some public transportation where I thought my life was going to end around the next switchback and I've also over paid for private transport where I thought the same! I've eaten some really crappy food at recommended places and amazing food at the street corner makeshift restaurant. Knock on wood, I have not contracted any type of food poisoning to date!

I've taking more cold showers then hot ones and sometimes just washing the private parts is good enough for a few days. I've worn the same clothes so long that I can't even stand the sight of me. I've lost most of my socks, god knows where and I never can repack my bag the same way twice. This really bugs that crap out of me! Oh and I just bought some underwear($1.50) off a man on the street corner selling women's under garments out of a plastic garbage bag. They looked new enough.

I spend hours planning the logistics of my next destination. How will I get there, where will I stay, what will I do with my time and how much is this experience going to cost me. Some people love the planning stage of travel. I am not one of those people. I don't hate it but it does get old after awhile. I am getting better at the planning and I do find some incredible places and have some amazing experiences but not always.

But when the planets are aligned and I find myself in a fairytale tree house or under an amazing waterfall or sitting down to dinner with an indigenous family, I think to myself "wow, what an amazing life I have at the moment". I remind myself that there will be days when it's all a shit show but that's OK because there will be more days when it's not.

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